Welcome to the Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring

The Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring

Welcome to the Chronicle, an online source for sharing new findings and ideas about youth mentoring.  The goal of the Chronicle is to encourage active dialogue around evidence-based practice in youth mentoring in ways that improve the practice of youth mentoring.

As you can see, the Chronicle contains several features.

  • The Research Corner—a blog, which will synthesize findings as they pertain to a single topic.
  • Forum—edited by Michael Garringer, this is a running commentary on mentoring research, policy, and practice, featuring the responses of guests with different views on the topic a question or topic.
  • New Mentoring Research—includes summaries and implications of new youth mentoring findings.
  • Research from Related Fields—edited by Renee Spencer, this includes summaries and implications of new findings from other fields (e.g., developmental psychology, public health, philosophy).
  • Profiles in Mentoring—Q & A’s with the researchers whose work is featured. Readers will be introduced to a wide range of upcoming as well as more established researchers and practitioners.
  • Expert Corner—featuring the perspectives of the field’s leading researchers and practitioners, including Dr. Wilson Goode, Marty Martinez, Dr. David DuBois, Dave Van Patten, Dr. Michael Karcher, Dr. Timothy Cavell, Dr. Adar Ben-Eliyahu, and more.

Each of these features has comment sections, through which I hope you will initiate and join conversations around particular topics and findings.  I invite you to visit the Chronicle regularly and be an active participant in this research/practice community. In exchange, I promise to add new content on a regular basis.

What sorts of topics would you like to see covered? What would be most helpful to your work in the field of youth mentoring?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for your investment in the field of youth mentoring.

Jean Rhodes, Editor

Editorial Board

  • Rev. W. Wilson Goode, Ph.D., Amachi
  • Marty Martinez, Mass Mentoring Partnership
  • David DuBois, UIUC
  • Dave Van Patten, Dare Mighty Things
  • Timothy Cavell, University of Arkansas
  • Michael Karcher, UT San Antonio
  • Renee Spencer, Boston University
  • Sarah Schwartz, Post-Doctoral Fellow at UMass Boston
  • Adar Ben-Eliyahu, Haifa University
  • Bernadette Sanchez, DePaul University

Associate Editors

  • Evan Cutler
  • Stella Kanchewa
  • Laura Yoviene
  • Chelsea Kearin
  • Micheline Mann