Register Today! 2018 European Mentoring Summit – March 14 – 16

Register now for the upcoming European Mentoring Summit 14 – 17 March 2018, Berlin

The European Mentoring Summit will be a great opportunity to strengthen your network, get to know the diversity of the mentoring scene, and share and gain new insights from mentoring research and practice. The event brings together more than 200 mentoring practitioners, researchers, and educational partners from Europe and beyond under the theme “Strong Relationships for a Strong Civic Society”.

You can take a look at the updates on the website of the Summit to read the bio of the keynote speakers, check the list of 30 sessions and 10 workshops with experts from Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, the USA and more!

This year’s Summit features an exciting lineup of keynote speakers: Professor Jean Rhodes (UMASS/MENTOR Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring), Prof. dr. Maurice Crul (University of Amsterdam and Rotterdam), Ms. Clara Peron (Value for Good), and Prof. dr. Sarah Haseler-Bestmann (Medical School Berlin).


The sessions showcase a variety of topics in relation to mentoring, such as social entrepreneurial mindset, parental involvement, online self-assessment, online safety, funding, European collaboration, impact measurement, and more.

The workshops offer you the chance to gain in-depth knowledge about a specific field in mentoring, such as quality assurance, impact measurement, and lines of research.

Attendees can also look forward to building their mentoring networks with other professionals from around Europe and the United States, as well as cultural events in Berlin.

Get involved in the Gallery Walk

We offer you the chance to showcase your mentoring model, research results, tools, and best practice during the Summit at the Gallery Walk. The gallery opens during the opening of the Summit on the 14th of March and it will be presented during the whole event.

So let us know of you are interested and we reserve a moveable wall for your poster or other material to present your activities and findings.

Register now!

The Summit is a biannual event of the European mentoring field, so don’t miss the opportunity to be part of it!

You can register now through the Summit website.

When: 14 – 17 March 2018
Where: Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany
Why: To network with and learn from mentoring professionals from across Europe and the U.S.
Theme: Strong relationships for strong civic societies
Cost: 250 euro registration fee

The Summit will be conducted in English. Language mediators can be organized, but please let us know in advance in order for us to organize them.

Accommodation must to be arranged individually, but we have reserved hotel allotments. Please note the relevant information on our website.

Spread the news

Feel free to send this newsletter to other mentoring professionals in your network so that they can join the summit and be part of this growing mentoring community. You can also email us at the European Center and visit our website for more information and upcoming action.

See you in Berlin in March!

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