This is a redux of a quiz I put together and shared a few years ago, updated to focus on recent research.

After a few weeks, I’ll share summary information on responses, just for our collective informal benefit.


Answer Key:

Q1 F – The FOTC evaluation, to date, has found evidence of effects on certain parent report outcomes but not teacher or youth self-report outcomes — see Table X on pp. 49-50 in particular – interestingly, too, ” To date, outcomes do not appear related to the amount of mentor-child contact time or the quality of the mentor-child relationship.”

Q2 T

Q3 F

Q4 T – For reference, see the review of group mentoring referenced here, authored by Gabe Kuperminc, on the NMRC website.

Q5 T

Q6 F – For reference, see the review of research on mentoring for youth victims of commercial sex exploitation on the NMRC website

Q7 T

Q8 F – For reference, see  A parent’s place: Parents’, mentors’ and program staff members’ expectations for and experiences of parental involvement in community-based youth mentoring relationships<>

Q9: T
Q10: F –  No impact findings have been reported from the MEDP study yet.



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